Goldilocks and the three beers

“Goldilocks and The Three Beers” is an illustrated pop up book for adults, that follows the tale of Goldilocks retold in a modern day context. This story is about Goldilocks, a backpacking traveller as she breaks into an air bnb, consumes multiple packets of instant ramen, watches Netflix, drinks herself to sleep and is woken up to being escorted outside by the police. The illustrations are drawn digitally and the book was physically put together.

Illustration, Creative writing & Pop up book design

Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Guide: Sally J. Vitsky

"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks. She was a traveller who was backpacking through Europe for the summer, and realized she forgot to book a motel for the night. She found a big house with an airbnb signage, and when nobody answered, she picked the lock and walked right in."

"At the table in the kitchen, she found three flavors of instant ramen. This was Goldilocks’ favorite food and she always had some handy for her travels. She chose the mild flavor and shoved it in the microwave with some water."

"After dinner, she wanted to relax and decided to watch some Netflix. There were many sofas in this house, and she chose the one that reclined all the way back. She didn’t care much for the gentle velvet, or hard leather chairs."

"Goldilocks was very tired by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedroom. To her grief, the bed was too hard to sleep on. She looked inside the mini fridge, and found three bottles of beer. She drank up, and went right to sleep."

She woke suddenly, to see she was being escorted out of the house by some policemen. “We’ll need to see some ID miss.” the bearded one said. “And you’re under arrest for breaking and entering.

© 2019 Maanasa Mahesh