Seat Seeker is an application that helps you search, locate and thereby gain access to public washrooms as per your requirement. Toilets often reflect the rights of dominant groups to occupy and label public space. Re-thinking toilet access can help us to re-think definitions of 'able-bodiedness', gender and public space. 

Branding and Strategy, Interaction design, Visual design, Prototyping

Prototyped using and Adobe XD

Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Guide: Roy Mckelvey

'Ladies' and 'Gents' are unproblematic terms ​for many individuals and groups, particularly trans people looking for a gender neutral option. Binary gender labels lead some trans people to feel uncomfortable in either toilet , and can also lead to other toilet occupants feel entitled to monitor 'correct' usage. 

Different users have different requirements in toilets and these may be related to issues of disability, gender, faith and age. Toilets are therefore multi-functional and complex spaces. 

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